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    I have been getting drunk virtually every single night for the last 4 years, but I would like to stop. Generally what I’ve done is after a day of work, I’ll come home and drink a lot, fast, so I am usually drunk within just a couple hours. I hear both sides that quiting cold turkey can be very dangerous, but also that it is possible. Recently, I started trying to not drink on some nights. It seemed to work fine and I could go a night or two in a row without a single drink. My longest dry streak was 4 days. However, within the past couple of days, I’ve started to feel like something is wrong with my body. I often feel a lot of pressure in my chest and head. I also find it very hard to sleep at night when I don’t drink, even taking Tylenol PM or the like. Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

    Also, I am curious about what the consequences would be of entering a treatment program? I am very nervous to do so because I am at a good job and do not want to lose it nor its benefits.

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