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    I’m over a month sober, in AA, and have been feeling good for the most part. Of course situations have come about that I’ve felt that need for a drink, but they’ve gone away relatively quickly.
    Until right now.
    Without going into the whole long drawn out story, let me just say my feelings are so hurt, they feel demolished. By my daughter. As usual.
    All I want to do is get f***ing SMASHED. HAMMERED. Just F***ING PUNISH myself over it. For being so dumb to let her get to me. And because somehow I raised such a thoughtless and selfish person.
    So this is me venting.
    I just wish I was dead sometimes.
    Now don’t freak out, I’m not gonna kill myself. Just wish to be rid of all the anguish I’ve been feeling. Whatever. Thanks for being there for me to talk to.

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