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    I have been taking roxicet 30mg for around a year. I take 15-60mg a day, sometimes a little more on weekends and less during week.

    I recently noticed if I went a couple days without I would feel sick and realized it was withdrawl.

    I tried to quit and made it 4 days and relapsed. I really want to quit and am trying again. My gf is very supportive. I cannot miss work making cold turkey hard… I was sleeping at work and barely functional last time I tried and do not want to be fired.

    I was thinking of trying to start Wednesday (today) so that I can use the weekend time to rest and recover. Last time the insomnia and sweats were brutal so I would like to try a weekend. I also thought about giving my gf quarters of pills (7.5mg) to ration to me so I can ween off.

    Any ideas and experience is appreciated. Love and god’s blessings to all!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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