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    I am going to try to keep this short but it probably won’t be.

    After my first adderall detox in January my husband saw a lawyer. He wanted a postnuptial agreement drawn up.

    He told me about it about 2 weeks after my sister died.

    I was “iffy” about it. Not sure if I should sign or not. I will give you some of the specifics of what this agreement says.

    1. HE is to make ALL decisions regarding my daughter until she is 18; although we do talk about them together he has the final say.

    2. If we get divorced; he will not be providing me alimony

    3. He also will have no obligation to pay my health insurance.

    4. I can see my daughter whenever I want. BUT; I would probably move back to NY to live by my family so I would hardly be seeing her anyway.

    5. He wants to sign me off the deed to the house; but i did talk him out of it.

    Let’s just say the agreement is “brutal” I lose everything I should be getting by law. I can’t even find a lawyer to sign off on it; it’s that bad. My dad is a lawyer, he read it and couldn’t believe it.

    What do I do? I do love my husband but if he loved me I would think he would provide stuff I am entitled to by law in the agreement. He would have my daughter and she is #1; but come on now!! At least provide me with health insurance. He makes decent money.

    I will probably just sign it. If we went to court and got a divorce I don’t think I would be getting much anyway. I know he would get primary custody of my daughter, due to all my “screw ups” and the courts favor the custodial parent anyway.I may get a small amount of alimomy and health insurance; but I would lose my daughter. Won’t be able to see her much.

    So it’s either

    1. Sign the agreement and try to get it annuled “sp” if we get a divorce (I can always claim duress, undue influence)..-not sure if I would win though

    2. Don’t sign, and go to either court or mediation and probably get squat anyway..


    Please don’t get me wrong; my daughter is #1; and he would need most of the $$ he makes for my daughter; but at least provide me with something.

    What would you do? It’s a toughie; especially since I don’t make the money to support myself.

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