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    As I’ve stated here on 12 Step National Meetings for several days now. I’m in the middle of a heavy cleanig job. Trying to get ready for my sister to move in with us. I have Hydro #10’s from a prescription I get for my back. I was doing really good not needing them for the pain up until yesterday. My back pain is getting worse with all the extra manual labor I’m having to do. I will have 60 days clean this Saturday. I have tons more to do and to make it worse, my husband is now injured and can’t hardly walk. So he’s no longer able to help me with the work. I’ve tried all sorts of other methods to help with this pain and I’m at a loss as to what to do. The work has to be completed and I’m the ONLY one left to do it. As well as taking care of our 22 animals.

    Is it wrong for me to take the pills while I’m going thru all this extra work that has been put upon me shortly after I made the decision to get off of them? I know they will ease the pain in my back, but I’m scared of what might happen. I am an addict, but I do have a serious back injury.

    Does taking the pain meds do away with my clean time since I’ve been put in this perdicament? I can’t decide what to do. But the work isn’t getting done because of my injury.

    I’m open for suggestions.

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