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    I am 17 years old and I recently decided (with the help of my family) that I really needed to stop doing Oxycontin. I was doing 40-80mg’s a day and upwards of 150mg’s when I had the extra cash and would do anything possible to get my fix. I did my last pill the 19th of this month. I pawned my Xbox 360, my $500 subs, and my $1200 laptop to get a quick fix. I even had the money to get them out and I F****** spent the money on a couple 80’s so i lost everything. I came forward to my parents and told them my problem and asked them for help. The only thing I asked was that I didn’t want to be put into any inpatient program because I didn’t want this disease to affect my life anymore than it already has. I am currently talking to a therapist and he is referring me to someone that can get me on suboxone to kill the cravings. I am gonna continue talking to the therapist and be on the medication. Hopefully I can get clean for good. What do you guys think about my plan on getting off of them. Please provide your suggestions.

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