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    I have almost 30 days now. I was chugging along until yesterday when we visited my husband’s parents around dinner time; not a good idea. They break out the wine at 5:00 PM every single darn day. I knew the time of day was bad but we had to drop off a gift and well, I should have just waited.
    I thought “oh they just got home from the lake house, they won’t be having their evening wine yet” but lo and behold, we walk in and I am offered a glass.

    This is the normal evening ritual for my husband’s family. They may only have one glass but it is the normal thing to do. My husband has a beer once in a bit and does not have this struggle.

    I guess what I am asking is: if you have children, who of course, need to interact with the grandparents, how do you just not go over or visit? We have a very close knit family and are together a lot.
    For the memorial day holiday our entire family will be up at our lake home and I am considering not going. I feel selfish because my kids don’t see their grandparents nearly enough with our work schedule.

    Anyway, I was feeling good until yesterday when faced with the evening glass of wine. Now I feel angry, angry that I can’t just have a glass or two and let it go like everyone else in the family, angry that my kids would miss out on a great weekend w/ the family at the lake, just plain angry.

    But I have not picked up a drink :):a122:

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