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    Hi members

    I am new to this forum..On Thursday (god willing) I will be 9 months clean from a drug called Methcathinone. It is a popular street drug here in South Africa commonly called CAT.

    I am a member of NA and have been in and out of recovery since 2006. My intial drugs of choice that landed me in treatment back then were weed, cocaine, alcohol and ecstasy. I started with an outpatient program but did not try very hard and would up in residential treatment barely 6 months later.

    I managed to kick coke and alcohol but towards the end of 2009, I started dabbling with weed again…thinking “I cannot do this continuous sobriety thing so weed is a softer alternative”. Once I broke my abstinence, it did not take long before I was chowing pills on the odd weekend (especially on out of town business trips so that my wife would not catch me).

    Soon I began to miss coke again but I was determined not to go down that road again…I was crave some thing to snort and remembered trying CAT once or twice. I decided to give it a try and this was a tragic mistake. CAT seemed more ‘subtle’ to me than coke and I did not binge or crash on it initially. Within 4-5 months I was using it everyday and the wheels of my life came of for real!

    I ended up in rehab again in August 2011 and I am determined to do this recovery thing properly.

    Are there any members out their familiar with this dirty drug?

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