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    Imagine a new treatment for alcoholism… This is fictitious, not real… It’s similarities to Naltrexone are, in fact, somewhat intended. However, I have taken this to the next level, i.e. a “cure”. I have imagined a marketing campaign on TV, Press and Radio. No insult or criticism is intended for those involved in NTX therapy…. But rather to ask the question… “How do we here at 12 Step National Meetings feel about a “cure”.

    Recovia is a revolutionary new drug for the treatment of alcoholism. It works by blocking the newly discovered “alcohonergic receptors” seen in the frontal lobes of alcoholics. Once these receptors are blocked, all obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior surrounding alcohol in alcoholics disappear. Recovia has been proven safe and effective to help alcoholics recover from alcohol addiction and it is approved by the FDA. It is 90% effective when used alone or in conjunction with behavioral therapy.

    Alcoholics that were once unable to to break the bonds of alcoholism are now free to enjoy a life without addiction. They can now choose to be abstinent or normal social drinkers.

    A course of treatment is one pill a day for a period of 8 to 12 months. This treatment can be extended indefinitely for those who would like to continue moderate consumption of alcohol. Alternatively, this treatment can be repeated for those who suffer relapse.

    No significant changes in personality have been observed in those taking Recovia.

    Important Information:

    Studies beyond three years have not been completed. The long term effects of treatment are not yet known nor has the long term effectiveness been established.

    Side effects are experienced in approximately 10% of patients and include daytime sleepiness, loss of libido, nausea and sun sensitivity. Do not take Recovia if you are taking blood pressure medication known as beta blockers as this can cause a serious type of cardiac arrhythmia.

    The cost of Recovia varies according to your prescription plan. The retail cost for this medication is approximately 250 dollars a month.

    Please read the poll questions carefully…


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