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    so i was mixing sleeping pills and booze and woke up blacked out one morning and wrecked my car twice (first car i had to leave a note because it was in a parking lot, second car was at work) so no legal troubles.

    got suspended from work and went into a 20 week rehab program. i actually stopped drinking 15 days before they sent me to rehab, so i had about 28 days sober when i got out of inpatient. on the drive home from rehab i stopped off and a bottle of vodka.

    then i started a 5 week, intensive outpatient with 3 group therapy sessons per week. then went to a once a week therapy thing for 12 weeks. lied the whole time and continued to drink on the weekends only because if i were to show up at work again with alcohol in me, i’ll be fired. but from friday night to sunday morning i stay drunk.

    so i guess maybe my rock bottom really wasn’t my rock bottom.

    i fought the counselors the whole time at rehab because of the AA/religion issues (i’m atheist). i’ve pretty much given up.

    just ranting, thanks for reading.

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