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    First off I would like to thank everyone here, I have learn a lot about self and my life is much better since I have been reading and posting on these boards. I am a little over 5 months sober and doing very well so far. Anyway.

    There have been a few threads lately talking about relapse and failure, from posters, sponsors, and other in Rehab. It seems to me, and I don’t claim to know much. that too much emphasis is being pit on failure and counting days and the shame associated with going back to “day one”.

    If someone has decided not to drink and has made it two years, like a poster I saw here, and has relapse but gets back on the the “wagon”, was it really a failure?

    the way I look at it is that person had 730 days of sobriety and one day or weekend of drinking , That is a huge Victory in my book not a failure. Sure it would have been great not to have relapsed but I would take that ratio any day.

    Just my two cents.. Not an excuse to relapse just hopping people do not get to down on themselves for little slips, that to me could cause major slips which is the big problem we are all trying to avoid,

    Once again thanks to all for you honesty and postings, there have been many times that I have logged on here with the temptation to drink in my mind and after reading a few threads I realize what I have achieved and why it is so important to continue!!


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