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    I was on a family vacation to Hawaii a few weeks ago. The weather was great and I was feeling pretty good about being sober, realizing how impossible this trip would be if I was still chugging vodka. My little nephew was running around the pool drinking Lava Flows…a fruity/chocolate drink. I thought it looked pretty good so I went up to the bar and ordered one with my free coupon. I watched her make the drink and I was thirsty. As I brought the drink to my lips, I think I smelled it before I drank it. I instantly spit it out, but I could taste the booze on my lips. It was full of rum. I was really pissed and about punched the bartender. She had no way of knowing and I should have ordered a virgin, but it didn’t even occur to me that there would be alcohol it in.

    My sponsor and I laughed about it. I don’t feel my sobriety was threatened in any way and I’m glad my reaction was immediate.

    The moral of the story is that, when in doubt, order a virgin.

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