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    I was clean and sober for 9 1/2 years going to AA meetings. I went to the doctor for a bad knee and left with a script for 30 Oxycodones. I work a very hard job on my knees and these were magic beans as they made me feel wonderful and cut the pain by 80%. Oxycodone became my higher power.1 pill a day turned to two, then four and all way to the point where I took 24 in a single day last week, and followed that day up with 20. I wake up at 4am everyday and pop 6 10mg oxycodones. I am blown away by my inability to even show any restraint. I don’t want to be a person that has to take 30 pills a day just to function. And lie, cheat and steal to everybody that has the unfortune to cross my path. So I came clean and told everybody that I relapsed on pain pills and that they became the most important thing in my life. I told my doctor and he gave me enough to wean off by taking 4 for 4 days and then 3 for 4 days and 2 and then 1. I am in day 5 and have doing pretty good as my girlfriend gives me my pills everyday I have done good as I so want to be off pills for good. I went to my homegroup meeting last Tuesday and told them all that I’m a liar and a drug addict and have been for 1 1/2 years.
    I have been reading this site for days and have enjoyed it and it has helped me bigtime. Thanks Failedtaper as I am exactly as you describe in so many ways.

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