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    Yup one more time for me..started running away with pills and heoin several months ago…Just “casual” ( what a joke right ?) at first and now I find I have been smoking h for 2 weeks straight.
    I just need to get this secret out there. I have to trust someone and at least speak my own truth. So I can let it out and get support.
    48 years old and I have alot to loose right now. Slowly I am starting to loose all the good things that sobriety has brought me the past yearsl’
    It seems many things triggered me back down this horrible scarey road I have traveled many times before
    I am not sure where to start. HOW to start taking care of myself and get clean I am very sick when I stop using even for a day now.
    This depression feels very LETHAL. adn I am scared to death.
    I just had to post here tonight and hope to hear from some of you guys that are always such great support. Have to get to bed as it is 4 am but I had to post this…someone HAS to know, This secret is too huge to carry alone..Check back here soon and I appreciate any feedback.

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