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    Hey everyone. Once again, another AWESOME weekend being off opiates! Over 5 months now. Well there was a group of about 5 of us that would get the pills from each other and so on and so on. I was the first to quit and when they saw that it could actually be done, they began to follow in my footsteps. My best friend is now TWO MONTHS clean and loves it! Another friend is almost two months, but today he told me he took one percocet 10/325 (10mgs of oxycodone) as his leg got messed up playing basketball this morning. He said he only took it becasue the pain was horrible and will be taking motrin from here on out.

    He is freaking out thinking its going to jolt him into a “withdrawal type feeling” and says its considered a relapse. I am telling him that if he took it because he was really hurting and isnt going to use any more that I would move past it, not call it a relapse and keep pushing forward as long as he doesnt use anymore. I told him OBVIOUSLY its not going to put him back into withdrawal or anything as his body is past that point.

    What do you guys think? I feel bad for the guy as its eating him up. I personally wouldnt even take one if my arm got cut off, but to each their own.

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