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    I stayed sober for 7 years most of it a dry drunk. I didn’t go to many meetings, didn’t have a sponsor, and didn’t have a home group. I was a “hang around”. You know the the type, folks who come to meetings on occasion, don’t connect, and don’t get real sober. We tend to hang sround the back of a meeting. As a result, after 7 years I was in front of the first drink and had no spiritual program to speak of, and therefore no defense. I spent 4 years drinking until it took me down to my knees. That’s when I became willing to go to any lengths to get sober. That means starting over, getting IN AA, working the steps WITH a sponsor. So, my suggestion is to put down the drink, get your butt to a meeting and pick up a white chip and surrender to alcohol and the program of Alcoholic’s Anonymous. That is exactly how I found a power greater than myself.


    I know what you feel like Mama-D! 🙁 Hopefully you are catching yourself early on and are going to do something about it. If we keep working on it, perhaps we wont let ourselves down anymore when trouble comes in our lives and we choose to just makes things worse by turning to alcohol. Instead face our troubles and try to resolve them (which can be tough) or at least get it behind us and carry on. 🙂


    Hey Mama,

    I know that you must feel like crap right now, but at least you came here..keep trying.

    I lost my job within three months of getting sober. I sure wanted to drink that day. I was lucky that I had a meeting to go to, and folks who could help me use some tools to get me over that urge.

    Maybe try a meeting?

    big Hugs,



    Mama I am not sure what you were doing to stay sober before you relapsed but start out first by simply not drinking today.

    Then sit down and determine what you were doing that kept you sober and what you did or did not do that led to you drinking again.

    I am an alcoholic and until I got into AA and changed I drank for the following reasons”

    I was happy.
    I was sad.
    Something good had happened.
    Something bad had happened.
    I was mad.
    It was dark.
    It was light.
    I got a new job.
    I lost my job.
    I got a raise.
    I did not get a raise.

    You name any situation and for me it was an excuse to drink.

    I could not stop by myself and stay stopped, it was not until I was willing to do what ever it took to get and stay sober that I was able to stay sober.

    Find a program that gives you the support you need, I needed face to face support, work the program, I do not care what program it is, it will not work if you do not work it.

    Drop all your prejudices and keep looking for what works for you.

    The only thing that worked for me was AA, besides the fellowship of AA what allowed me to stay sober was me changing!

    When I was drinking I was a drunk! I was a drunk then whether I drank or not. I stopped drinking many times and never changed a thing about myself, as a result I was a drunk who was not drinking, this meant that all I did was not drink and sat around wanting a drink…… being a drunk I always drank again.

    Once I got into AA and started working the steps I started to change myself, as I changed myself the urge/need to drink lessened, the more I changed the less the urge/need to drink was until finally the miracle happened, I was no longer a drunk and did not want or need a drink!!!!

    Look AA is not the only way to change, there are other programs, try any or all of them, but as long as you keep trying eventually one of them will work.


    Thanks you guys! I’m trying to stay positive. I know by at least me reaching out and admitting my problem is a start. (small but a start) I’ve been keeping busy and trying to keep my stress levels low. :Val004:

    trying to keep my stress levels low

    Hi Mama !

    External events are always going to be there. We think they are what triggers our drinking, but they’re not.

    Through a good recovery program, I’ve found a solution. And one of the key benifits is that although life still has it’s ups and downs, the way I react has changed. My stress level is almost non-exsistant now days, even though life around me hasn’t changed much.

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