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    I decided to quit one month ago – I bought the big book, and detoxed on my own, then started going to meetings. Went everyday for 2 weeks but then I drank, and it was slightly embarrassing to go back to meetings and tell people afterward, but I thought it wasn’t too big of a deal. A week later I drank again, and I felt embarrassed again, so I finally got a sponsor and tried to dedicate myself more to the program. I met with her and started working the steps and felt pretty good. But then I went on a binge for several days, and the final day was this Saturday and I was super drunk in some public places and ran into a ton of people from AA, including my sponsor. I don’t remember much about the interaction.
    So, now it has been 4 days since then, but I just feel too ashamed, stupid, or maybe just scared this is going to keep happening to go back or talk to anyone from AA.
    I don’t know if I am capable of quitting in it of itself, let alone the stresses and social obligations that come with AA(ie. being accountable for my actions and willing to address them openly).
    Can anyone make sense of that? Any advice/recommendations?

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