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    I assume quite a few of you have been through broken relationships due or partly in due to your alcohol problems?

    My last girlfriend I was with for a few years and she was great, someone I really loved. Yet in the second year I still found that i’d leave her in bed in the morning and take a few cans downstairs to watch TV whilst she slept.
    Now I just think why??
    I know we often only realise how good we had things when they’re gone, but I was happy then so it made no sense.

    We split up over a year ago and i’ve tried to kid myself it was over a certain text message I saw on her phone, but it was really down to the extreme paranoia that alcohol abuse caused me to have after that.
    As a result of that I ended up cheating on her and the end soon came.
    Amazingly we are still on speaking terms and she has said she supports me with trying to fight the alcoholism, and whenever I text her in really rough times she is there.
    Unlike my other ex who doesn’t want to know at all!

    I also had a couple of what I thought were really good friends disappear around the time I went into hospital. That had nothing to do with alcohol, but they just went, which is very disappointing, but I guess you find out who you really can rely on when things hit rock bottom.

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