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    Carol D said something on another thread about alcohol being forbidden due to religion and it got me thinking. I always wonder about the religion thing and alcohol. For example, I worked with a lot of Christian extremists when I lived in the south and not one of them drank and the majority had never even had a sip of alcohol. I remember having a conversation with one lady about a person who we worked with who was a recovering alcoholic and she was acting a little uppity about that person and I said “well you very well could be an alcoholic and just don’t know it because the problem has never presented itself in that you’ve never even have had a sip of alcohol.” I just remember the lady acted like I was insane and her weird work buddies kind of ostracized me after I made that comment to her. I probably shouldn’t have said that to her, but I think she took it as me making a moral judgment about her. I was trying to make a logical comment based on the clinical side of alcoholism to defend the person we worked with who was a recovering alcoholic in that she was not just a moral failure and that there were genetic influences that lead some people down that path. Has anyone else where had any similar situations?

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