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    Can anyone tell me how long this RLS and restlessness lasts at night?
    Yesterday was day one (because I took Tramadol from former sponsor 1 each day sat, sun and mon then researched it and saw posts here and found out it IS narcotic) Anyway..Last night was TOUGH. Napped yesterday afternoon ok on my anti anxiety meds but last night 10pm husband yelled at me to stop moving around and kickin legs. Got up and got on SMALL couch in the basement of mother-in-law’s where we live. Tossed, turned, slept until 2:30 got up and went back into the bed. Was ok (I think no complaints from DH) woke up at 4:30 and got up. Need to know how many nights this goes on??? Eating bananas cuz I read the potassium helps with RLS. Not sure it was true cuz felt no relief. Thanks for any info. God Willing the end of the day will be completed day 2!! Kicking alcohol was NOTHING like this. Had no desire once I stopped and no withdrawls (but or the grace of God…)

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