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    I had a terrific day. That is saying quite a bit. It seems I have struggled the entire last 12 months thru my recovery trying to feel happy and joyous. Today I spent time walking miles on a nature trail and then just sat on a dock by the river. I got out, refreshed my soul, enjoyed the tranquility of the river, watched the fish, fed the fish, counted the many many frogs, lizards, turtles and connected with nature. I watched a murder of crows, heard cardinals and chickadees, I found what I was missing in my life. I have not had my soul or body pushed or in a natural setting and it was beautiful.

    I hate to say it but exercise OUTSIDE is necessary at least for me. I have to be connected to water in some way. I feel wonderful and I am sorry it took so long to find what was missing. I hope everyone can find the piece of their soul that they misplaced in active addiction. I felt like a child today. I am grateful.:day6

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