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    Does anyone know anything about these medications? The first is designed to suppress opiate receptors without being physically addictive. The others are antidepressants. My boyfriend’s psychologist just put him on all three of these, and frankly he has been wandering around like a zombie. He hasn’t done opiates, and it is helping him with his cravings, but he isn’t even present most of the time when he is on all of these meds. I know that this is between him and his psychologist, but what is the sense of setting him up to become mentally dependent on all of these prescriptions? And why are they numbing his mind and spirit to the point that he seems to be in another realm of existence entirely after he takes them? Something is not right with what is going on, and I can’t even wrap my head around it. I know I need to focus on myself, but I will not ignore the way he is responding on a spiritual level to the medications he has been medically prescribed. He was having a tough enough time dealing with the cravings, but at least he was HIMSELF.

    I am posting this in the friends and family forum as well, but this one seems to get more hits…

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