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    hi there 12 Step National Meetings friends :grouphug:

    well i have had an extemely trying time with the doctors and local drugs project – my doctor thought i’d been playing him when i said that the surgery and pharmacy hadnt given me the prescriptions – turned out they were in the wrong tray and had been there the whole time so lots of confusion sorted out…

    then my doctor freaked over me not doing a longterm maintenance program of either subs or methadone as treatment for my heroin addiction…

    it has taken til now to persuade him that the last thing i want is to prolong the agony and all i want is to be clean of EVERYTHING OPIATE!
    we are taking what seems to me to be rather a strange route but hey ho here we go..
    i’ve got three days of methadone then reducing that for two days then codeine to finish the taper! i start on monday and will be done in 10 days according to plan! i just want to add that in the mean time i have not been doing any of the tamazepam – i figured i didnt need them while i was using and so when i do need them i know they will actually help – i’ve never abused them btw…

    so thanks to all who have been supporting me – i said i wasnt going to drop off the boards and i meant it!!!!!
    i know i’m not the best informed on getting clean (lol) so all your care and support have been very gratefully received! i hope that when i open my mouth here i actually help more than hinder.. its nice to be nice huh..
    so :tyou

    rollon monday!
    hugs to u all

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