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    Hi all. About 2 years ago I sniffed my first roxy (half of a roxy) and after that I was completely hooked on the high. It was my friends that introduced me to them they were sniffing them for years before me but I never considered it I thought it was “crackhead” status to sniff a pill. I come from what I think is a good family we live in a really nice beach neighborhood money was never an issue in my household I always got what I wanted but not in a spoiled way I do work but if I was going on a vacation and needed cash my parents would help me life was good I had a lot of **** going for me I had a girlfriend for 4 years I was really happy but this addiction took over and ruined my life. It started off taking a half, then a whole, then I would buy an extra one to have for the morning the next day. Gradually 2 turned into 3 turned into 5. etc. I started to become only concerned about getting high and hanging out with my friends. I didn’t care about my girlfriend who was so good to me (and didnt have a clue that I was hooked on roxys I kept it a secret but I think she knew something was up) so she eventually broke up with me. At first I was cool with it when your stoned you don’t even care but when I realized I ****** up and ****** up bad it was too late. I started to get depressed and take more blues to a point where I was taking 10 – 15 roxy 30’s a day. I now want to get clean its been 3 weeks since I did a roxy but I used suboxone to get off of them. It was actually pretty easy to take one pill in replace for another I used 2 mgs of suboxone for about 15 16 days now I want off the suboxone I’m on day 2 but my body is just tired I don’t want to move or do nothing I’ve been in my bed for the past two days. Basically I think I just want to tell someone what happened to me I want to see a therapist I keep telling my family I would like to go they don’t know why though they think I’m fine I play it off well but inside I’ve like just had it with this ****. I want to be the person I was before this all happened I always wanted to go places do things and now I wish I could go back in time and change this. My friends aren’t helping either I know these people for such a long time they are good people they just have drug problems too. Its hard to hang out with your friends and not take drugs when all of them are doing so. I really don’t know where I’m getting with this just maybe some advice from someone or just knowing someone read this makes me feel a little better I’ve been meaning to post something for a while.

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