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    I am suffering from Roxy withdrawls. While i havent been a user for months or years, i have been taking them for a month straight. Ive always snorted them since taking them orally would make be sick. I realized that ive been coming addicted and need to stop. Now that i have stopped, i am expierencing witbdrawls. I feel like garabage but the biggest problem im having is the feeling of restlessness and not being able to sleep. Im not having a hard time dealing with much else except those two things. Its only been a day since i took my last one. Is there anything that can help with these. I dont need meetings because i already am in the right mind set to quick and i know i can. Im just wonndering if theres somethin to help with the withdrawls. While i do believe meetings are helpful, i just think i caught early enough to quite. My other question is how long typically do the withdrawls symptoms last? Any help will help greatly.

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