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    Hi Everyone 🙂

    Thank you all for such kind words of support, and for sharing such a personal journey with me, and of course everyone here.

    Well, today is saturday, and it’s 9am, and I feel like a rockstar. How many years has that been? I usually crawl out of bed around 12pm, cursing a few times at my husband, my dogs, and lay around all day.

    Tomorrow will be a week since my .45 BAC ER trip, obviously (or maybe not so obvious) I haven’t had a drop of liquor since, nor have I had a craving. I’m sure it’ll come, but for now I’m enjoying getting to know myself again, getting back in the gym (spent 1.5 hours on the treadmill the other night just ROCKIN!), and just feeling so clear, so alive.

    I can’t remember who said it on here, I think it was a quote in response to my first thread, but it stuck with me… “No one regrets not drinking”. How true, and thank you, whoever said that to me.

    I’m blabbing, I will try to keep my posts more focused and topical, but for now I’m just so happy, and so excited for even just today.

    Happy Saturday everyone, and cheers (with my hazelnut coffee of course) to all of your successes.


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