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    I was wondering if anyone can relate to a certain problem i am having…i know i am young, allmost 40, but i was wondering if anyone else have noticed after quitting, or even still drinking has any short term memory loss? i used to joke about that i would’nt mind having alsheimers when i get old, becuase then i wouldnt have to thing about any problems, etc… but now that i actually believe that i may be in the early stages of dimmentia, it is very frustrating, and miserable, and my husband gets SO frustrated with me because i cant remember something he may have told me yesterday, or, i ask the same questions over and over, and recently even conversations from hours earlier, it seems to be getting worse by the day. can anyone relate?for someone especially as young as i am? my father died at 62 with severe dimmentia/alshiemers, and was way worse years before that, he did alot of drinking, so my mom says that had alot to do with it, i dont know?
    any help?

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