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    A long time ago, I was ferreting through some poetry, and this struck me as beautiful as pertains to human relations and the group experience. I sent it to a friend about a year ago, and thought I would share it here:

    The Principle of Seance: To cure illness. A mood might overtake a people burdened by historical events or dying in a bad landscape. They seek deliverance from doom, death, dread. Seek possession, the visit of gods and powers, a rewinning of the life source from demon possessors. The cure is culled from ecstasy. Cure illness or prevent its visit, revive the sick, and regain stolen, soul.

    ~Jim Morrison, The Lords – Notes on Vision

    I don’t know if humans have souls, or if gods and demons exist. The individual and collective subconscious is mysterious and elusive to me, yet tangible nonetheless, so qualifies until I decide. I am unable to tap into my subconscious as far as propelling immediate changes toward my recovery, or actually describe whatever lurks there at any given moment, though I believe it is de and re-programmable. As Jim describes a “cure culled from ecstasy”, this represents to me as enlightenment, and regaining, (or reprogramming) our subconscious to become more conducive and welcoming of change in recovery, both personal and as a group. Knowledege and communication is key to group enlightenment, the group experience (seance = group collaboration, both visible and non) as sometimes indispensible to our well-being, and improvement of the collective conscious of the recovery community.

    Umm…. I hope this made sense. 😉

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