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    I’ve been sober since 1992 and am now a physican who works with people suffering from opioid dependency. Specifically, I work with suboxone as part of a treatment triad: 1. motivated patient, 2. medication to control cravings and withrawal symptoms (suxboxone), so that the person can focus on, 3. counseling (the cure is in the counseling).

    I would like to discuss individual experiences poeple have had during recovery and the positive and/or negative experiences they had with suboxone. I am hoping this will give me a greater understanding for those I am trying to help.

    While nothing works for everyone, I have been very impressed with the results people get with this medication. But, it is NOT a cure. The cure is in the counseling and I refer everyone I work with to NA or AA. Yet, it is almost impossible to pursue counseling when you have cravings banging away in your head 24/7, or you’re facing recurring withdrawals.

    What are your thoughts?

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