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    Just curious what self discovery meant to you once you removed alcohol and most mind/mood altering substances from your repertoire. Did you find that giving up your drugs of choice marked the end of your journey or just the beginning of a new exploration into who you really are?

    For the most part I always followed the Ayn Rand, (Objectivism) school of thought. The idea was that man was responsible for his own happiness and as long as you didn’t harm anyone you had no obligation to others or society at large. It was a horray for me and the hell with everyone else kind of thinking.

    Once I got sober on a full time basis I began going through a catharsis of sorts. My old way of thinking no longer seemed to work, it threw up one road block after another in trying to move forward in rediscovering who this sane, sober all the time person even was.

    My goal was to learn how to live in the present, to be at peace with myself, to be able to sit quietly, to accept the fact that what is, is and for the most part that’s OK. To be able to actually enjoy the simple things in life was a quality I lost a long time ago but the good news is that it seems to be comming back a little at a time.

    To be able to sit here and type this with a quiet mind, at peace, without my thoughts running wild in a thousand different directions is still kind of new to me. It truely is a gift but it seems that it was there all along. It was me and my thinking that resisted it every step of the way. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to let go and look beyond the imperfections…

    How’s your journey unfolding? Anyone care to share with my late night rambling?

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