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    Forgiving yourself is taxing. I did things when my disease was active that make me shutter. There was something in particular that I was having a hard time letting go. I could forgive myself, or so I thought, for certain things, but not this. Sobbing in front of my sponsor, pouring over the big book, I felt hopeless. How could I ever forgive myself? When I got home, I wrote a letter to myself. I didn’t expect it to be 3 pgs long, and then what shocked me the most, it slowly turned into a letter of forgiveness. I had, unwittingly, forgiven myself. I can not put into words how moved I was. I am. Imagine being stuck inside a cement statue, almost resigned to living in it forever, breaking open all around you.

    Anywho… just wanted to share my experience. I gave to God (albeit covered in my teeth and claw marks…) 😉

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