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    My son is a Heroin addict. He has been on an 8 month relapse, after 11 months in rehab. He’s been unusually lucky with the law and the courts during this time. (Previously he’d been to jail several times, court ordered rehab, etc.) He has violated probation, been arrested with paraphenalia, and was recently in a place where everyone else was arrested, but him. He has put up a good appearance with the court during his mandatory appearances and has always had some excuse or reason to get by with them. On his last appearance, his probation officer had sent in a bad report because he hadn’t reported. The court ordered him to go to the rehab he was in before by the end of 30 days and to report to probation. He doesn’t get how lucky he is. The court could have easily ordered him directly to jail, which is what he expected. His lawyer said that if my AS messes up again and doesn’t comply with the court he will go to PRISON.

    All my son has to do is call the rehab, alternative sentencing personnel, whom he knows, explain what the court ordered and go through the process to get into the rehab. AS far as other rehabs go, he liked this one, even though its a very rigorous program. (It’s coed too) He hates the person in charge of the male residential program because he wouldn’t let my son in when he appealed to them for a bed back in July on his own volition.They wouldn’t let him in because he showed up loaded a couple times and tested dirty in sober living where he was waiting for a bed.

    So….here’s the point of my posting….I haven’t seen or heard from my son for over a week. He’s out on a run…When I saw him today I reminded and encouraged him to just make the call to the rehab and his lawyer, so the lawyer could fax the court’s orders to the alternative sentencing person and start the wheels in motion. My son knows that beds are limited and he has to contact them in advance. He also knows he’ll have to detox before they even let him in. (Most places require 3-10 days detox for heroin addicts here.) He only has less than a few weeks left to follow through on this. He doesn’t get why he should worry about it now. He feels that if he doesn’t get in by the court’s deadline, cause they don’t have a bed, it’s not his problem, as long as he tries. he also hasn’t reported to probation yet as ordered either cause he knows he’ll test dirty. If he doesn’t take care of 2 simple things he’ll go to jail.

    SO should I bother to remind him anymore about complying with the court’s orders? when I have he gets totally stressed out and says he’s too stressed and tired to make the call.

    Am I right in assuming he really doesn’t want to stop using and is just going to try and keep working the system to get away with it until he finally goes to jail.

    I know there’s nothing I can do….his life…his choice, but he can’t stay with me while he does nothing about getting his sh(* together and stop using.

    So from an addict’s point of view and experience….what do you think about the situation or what I should or should not do?

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