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    Hello, i had a quick question. I know insomnia is a cause of alcoholism, but a common trend i seem to find myself in when i try to quit unsuccessfully for the last two years is I cant sleep. Basically, its in that stage when you are very tired and about to sleep aka twilight stage, and then that’s when your heart kicks in. It starts pumping / beating crazy. From what i read, my body is not used to going to sleep without alcohol. So therefor my brain sends a signal to my heart that something is wrong and then boom! My heart kicks it in to high gear and it seems like a panic attack. So now when trying to quit, I am restricted to the weekends since I need sleep to work the next day. (normally i wont sleep for 2-3 days straight when trying to quit) I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this. The whole thing about you are about to sleep but then suddenly find yourself jumping out of bed trying to get your body under control etc. And it happens about every 10-15 minutes, basically i guess when your body wants to sleep but your mind says no! Thanks in advance for any comments.

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