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    well i used yesterday,and thats it,now i have too get up and shake it off,went too meeting last night and i know i could of call anyone but i didnt,i used oxy and ate it which in its self makes no sense cause i loved that needle,any way i got a new date and gotta get my relationship with my HPstonger cause if i depend only on other people i will relaspe again people are humman they makes mistakes,thanks all yall for being here cause it helps me,my sponser told me he would rather me use than sit in the rooms for yrs.being misrable,he said if i dont need the program than go use and try it my way again,hell no my way does not work,thats one thing i know,soo im gonna do whatever the old timers want me too do ,why cause i want what they got,i want too be a decent member of community,have peace of mind,and be a father,husband,son,grandson,and overall positive person,this happened same way last time i was working steps on step 4?????gotta get it all out and trust HP and i can do this,

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