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    Well not much to say but I did it again, started back into the vodka on August 10th and drank pretty much non stop until August 21. By that point I was more dead then alive and ended up in ER, I had to be carried out of the house by the paramedics. In that period of 11 days I had gone through 11 large bottles of vodka, I had 2 cases and there was one bottle left in the second case when I was taken to the hospital. I underwent a medical detox in the cardiac ICU (as I also have heart problems), was hooked up to numerous IV’s and was released after 3 days with a stern warning to never drink again. The official diagnosis on the release forms was alcohol induced heart failure and kidney damage.
    So far I already got the hospital bill for 3 days in the cardiac ICU, which was over $18,000 and that’s only the hospital portion the Doctors usually send their own bills. It’s safe to say that this binge will end up costing over $20,000., something I never thought of when I took that first drink. In retrospect I think I started this binge to self medicate depression and anxiety but I know that’s a poor excuse. The only thing the binge accomplished was to leave me with worse depression and anxiety and now also insomnia. I’m a complete mess and trying to get through the insomnia and depression as best I can. I’m getting through the days only by knowing that these symptoms will pass but it’s not easy. I’ve always been against AA but am now thinking I might give it a try. Trying to hang in there, thanks for listening.

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