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    Funny, I have this bar right down the hill from me. I never really cared to go in there even when I still drank. Small and smoky and the idea of sidling up rarely hit me. On a few occasions I decided to grab a quickie in there but never stayed long. Lately I notice that as I go in the direction of the place on busy nights sometimes I can smell the exhaust fan. Weird as it may be it always gives me flashbacks of sitting idle at any given bar and downing a few. On the circle back I usually pass the place and peek in as I walk by since the door is glass. Always the same old people sitting in there drinking and smoking. I often used to get a tinge of craving or even jealousy at them as I walked by but not so much anymore. My sense of actually drinking a beer has dulled to the point that it is like an old bad memory, one that is easy to think around. Still, I humored myself today to notice how whenever I smell the place it brings back fond memories of my drinking days. Old Nostalgia to never be repeated but some part of my brain still revels in it.

    The days of old, long gone and distant yet close enough still. Thankfully, I now glance over from the other side of the fence not to be crossed. HP willing, it will stay that way.

    Here’s to a happy and sober 2011 to all of you.

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