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    I have gotten into the habit of binge drinking every weekend over so many months now I cant count them. I use to have alot of willpower and slow down or even stop my drinking when ever i wanted to but since i moved to japan i cant seem to do it anymore and honestly it scares me.

    My other problem is every week I am asked by friends who also binge drink to go out to bars and drink. I am in a setting where it is very easy to do as bars are actually right below my apartment and on every street here in japan. also public drunkiness and drinking anywhere (on the street, the subway, I mean ANYWHERE) is completely acceptable.

    Even tonight as I am fighting in my mind on how to get on track with staying sober I am being texted by coworkers and friends to go out drinking since it is a national holiday today.

    Dont get me wrong I love my friends but ALL of my friends here are heavy drinkers. Also finding a support group or going for counseling is impossible as I dont speak the langauge well enough to communicate my struggles.

    The weird thing is after a heavy weekend of drinking I of course feel guilty and so the next day during the work week I wont drink. Ill even eat healthy and exercise. I try to tell myself I need to stick to my exercise in place of drinking because thats how i use to stop for long peroids of time if i felt i was drinking too much. but when the weekend rolls around again I lose my will.

    I am really alone in my battle as there is pretty much no one to talk to about this here. so I know i could definitely use any support i can find.

    thanks for listening and any advice is welcome..

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