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    So two weeks ago, I went running in DC and it was hot and humid. I was very dehydrated, then went back to the hotel and exercised some more….went back up to my room and had a heatstroke or a seizure (docs thought it was a seizure at first, but now the consensus it’s a heat stroke). I fell backwards into a coffee table, SLAMMING my upper back/shoulder into a hard coffee table and boy does it hurt. I mean, horrible pain. Oh, and I also slammed my head into the table as well.

    So basically, I need these pain killers. And I seriously screwed up my back/shoulder…to put it mildly. Now the doctor has got me back on norcos & he wants to try Percocet 5mg to see what works best.

    Some non medication things that work are nice masages, like one I had today. But it cost $150 for 90 minutes and it was AMAZING. I feel pretty good now, but I can already feel the pain coming back.


    And I can’t be getting $150 massages every day.

    So, I guess I’ll be on narcotics for the next 3 months.


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