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    I lost my job and started to drink alot more recently… been to treatment 2 times. Problem is i want stop and i cant. I get super anxiety and shakey by mid day after the previous night. I dont know what to do. I get super worried and start to see lights if i dont have enother drink… but my problem is when i have just 1 or 2 beers it just gets worse. i feel like treatment again will do nothing. I just need to get passed these days of not drinking cause trying to slow my self off booze dont work and end up drink. I’m 25 years old and started to drink when i was 21… funny aint it. But i get drunk every night for like a year and i just dont know what do. the anxiety is to much to handle…. any advice? i cant manage this my self and my AA friends are few in ideas besides going to a detox center and getting locked up for a few days and i dont want that.

    sorry this is another night where i tried to get off booze by having a few drinks and it has failed badly im almost willing to say F*** it and lock my self in a closet till it passes. even then idk if i can do it. I truly am scared and dont know what to do… I have thought horrible thinkgs the last week just make this all end… no more anxiety no more shakes….

    fyi im drunk now just so u all know since that makes it go away…. want to know what i should do tomorrow

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