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    Its so funny because my dealer never really knew I used, he just thought I sold the oxy’s that i bought from him.. So when he called the other day he asked if my “people” stopped buying oxy’s from me, because he hasn’t heard from me in a while.. I just smiled on the inside and said “yeah a few of them quit”!!!!!!

    OMG…. It felt so goooooood when I hung up.. He used to have me hanging by his string. I would chase him all around town to get the pills.. Give him rides to places just so i could get my oxy’s.. I would let him use my credit card to fill his car up with gas, and he would only give me 3 or 4 oxy’s for $110 worth of gas…

    But yeah…. It felt good to not need him…… :a122::a122:

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