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    To those who knew me know that I’ve been drinking since about summer of 2005… my war against alcohol still wages, 4 years and a half… it has been a tough one and dangerous one in the past… when I lost 12 Step National Meetings before I went back to drinking, so the past mm… 7 months I was going back and forth.

    Now I’m back on Day 1 like I said in my other post, and I must be going through PAWS again… my memory is so bad….. wow. Meanwhile recently my former stepfather who was on parole finally was kicked out of the house due to all his bad deeds he’s done to people in the house…

    That’s just the start basically… :Xmaspstar I suppose I’m just glad I’m back and trying … but I am always depressed lemme tell you that, it’s pathetic. Ah well, by the way all to those who do not know I’m a 24 year old autistic *HFA, high functioning autistic* with generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, moderate obsessive compulsive disorder, moderate/major depression, social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia minor, and of course… alcoholism.

    Well … least I said something.

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