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    I am depressed!

    What a concept, I was replying to Jets on here and I reviewed some info on depression and whaddaya know?

    I was reading about myself. I do take something for depression (for abt 10 yrs now) but I now realize that I may need something else.

    I have been sleeping way too much, I feel like I’ve been dragging by body around to work, meetings, etc. but have just been downright dog tired all the time.

    Now, I’ve been eating better, getting excercise and stuff, but I just have no motavation.

    I am so glad I realized this because now I’ll go see my Dr. and deal with it!

    I love this site!


    I take something for depression too. I’ve also talked to a few old-timers regarding this malady. You know, there are not a lot of us out there that do not suffer from depression.

    It was suggested that I work on acceptance of the fact that I will probably be stuck with it the rest of my life.

    Funny thing was, when I worked on this it really did seem to make things better.


    Actually, I have come to understand that I have suffered from depression my whole life. They just called it lazy back then. It goes back way before I started drinking.

    I know that many who are in recovery don’t have depression, and to be honest, a part of me is envious.

    Acceptance is the key and I will work on it.



    Good to hear you are doing something about your depression. I have had it all my life too. Its horrible.


    When we become aware of a problem…it is importatn to get into a solution.
    Depression is treatable..Glad to hear you are going to the doc…

    “We are not a glum lot” We truly can be happy joyous and free.


    i suffered horrible depression in my late teens. they called it “growing pains” but i knew better…i’ve taken anti-depressents since then. i’ve changed meds a few times. even went off for awhile (not good). there’s a lot of help out there for it now. i rarely have any problems with it anymore and i’m A LOT healthier..

    hugs, k


    My depression is way better when I was drinking, but it IS still there at times.

    It’s not enough to concern me, but I do see it now and then. Especially the feeling tired bit.

    Then again, I tend to set unreasonable expectations for myself. I leave at 6:00 AM, roll in from work at 5:00 PM, have dinner with my daughter and head to a meeting until 9 or 10. then I repeat. No wonder I’m tired…….Still, I expect myself to be able to do that without getting tired !


    i’m not an alcoholic, but have suffered from situational depression during my marriage and divorce from my xah.

    i was treated with anit-depressants and some of them quit workiing for me after awhile, and the doc would switch me to something else.

    good luck, groucho and it’s a great idea to see the doc and discuss this….maybe a switch of meds is in order.



    Hi Ted,

    I have heard it said that the majority of alcoholics suffer from depression..Our brains are wired different from the people who are not alcoholics…

    I have had to change the medication I used because after many years the dose needed adjusting, or I needed a new antidepressent…

    Hope you feel better soon…


    Yes, it’s probably time to change meds, we’ll see what the Dr says.

    Thanks everyone for the replys, it helps to know you’re not alone.

    I’m on vacation this week with limited internet. I’ll check in when I can.


    Hi, Ted:

    Hope your trip home went well. Long time to sit on the bus. And I hope your visit to Maine was good, although it must have been difficult to visit Steve even when you knew what to expect. Glad the weather was so good.

    I had been in recovery quite a few years before the whole depression problem came up and hit me in the face. Looking back through the years, I suspect that I was struggling with it since some of the difficulties of high school, and I know alcohol relieved it on a temporary basis until the alcohol itself added to the depression.

    Psychoactive meds such as antidepressants are a crapshoot, affecting each individual differently. The best doctors can do is to prescribe, then evaluate results. As you know, Ted, after taking one particular antidepressant for four years, I went off it due to the gastric distress it caused, only to finally realize that it had been robbing me of any initiative and had left me with four years of not getting anything done to clean up after. That will take a while. I was lucky to discover that St. John’s Wort, an over-the-counter herbal med, works for me, as the depression didn’t stay gone as soon as the stuff hit the fan.

    Talk to ya, cheers,


    i know im drepressed to
    i miss my country and living in us for me is very boring
    sorry i dont want to hurt any feelings
    but i live here and sit in the house all day and cant stop thinking about having some fun
    like drinking?
    if i was bussy i want even think about it
    but as im so bored i cant help my self
    so i think the best is to do something not to get bored and depressed?


    Isolation can trigger the depresion and make it worse.

    Some do require meds..In addition to the meds tho it is important to find interests or hobbies.
    I moved from one state to another and have been terribly unhappy here…Getting involved in others, bumping up the sponsoring and oing more service work has helped tremendously.

    “Bloom where you planted”…came to me in a meditation…I can choose to be unhappy where I ma or I can choose to get into a solution. For me..the solution is to get my license back and get back out there to see God’s artwork and participate in life…If and when God wills it..i will move back…or I will go back to the roots of my childhod and be close to my family…It is all about choice and willingness.
    for me staying in the precious present moment is part of God’s will for me.


    Same here, in fact I’m sure I used booze & benzo’s to self-medicate, every time I went off my meds (Bipolar) I was off and running.

    I was on the same Anti-depressant for years for panic disorder (Celexa)
    which I thought was my miracle drug for a long time.. just a few months ago I decided to go back to the doctors and get adjusted, I’m much better now, I didn’t realize being on one for so long would cause it to stop working 🙁

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