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    Sorry if this has been addressed before, but anybody else find theirself extremely tired when they first quit drinking? I should have been keeping a diary, but for at least the first few days I had a lot of energy that I wasn’t used to having while drinking, but for several days now, I find myself totally exhausted. I’m eating healthy and taking B-vitamins. I want that energy back that I had the first week!

    I know alcohol is a depressant but it always gave me the “kick start” I needed to do things I didn’t feel up to doing (only to end up with it getting half done) I am in no way looking for an excuse to drink, just wondered if anybody had some suggestions on how to gain some energy. I know excersize is supposed to help, but can’t even bring myself to go for a walk! Some days I’m tired all day long, while others I’ll have small bursts of energy, and then feel fatigued. I’m confused:question:

    Day 11 for me though…wow…:biggrin:

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