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    Please bare with me…I just really need to vent.
    My husband hasn’t worked in four weeks. His company has some equipment ordered, and he’s waiting for it to come in before he leaves town today or tommorow.
    He’s been ‘out’ of weed for the past 3 days, and money is very tight at the moment, so he can’t get any. The two people he ‘deals’ with have already fronted him, so he can’t get any fronted either.
    He has been in bed for three days now, miserable, pis$ed off, in and out of the bathroom, can’t sleep, etc. etc. etc. Now, this is a man who NEVER lays around, he’s always busy doing yardwork, repairing things around the house, cleaning the garage, working on his ‘baby’…his 77 El Camino.
    He is acting the same way I did when I was out of pills.
    HE IS AN ADDICT, depending on a drug to make it through a day, no different than any other addict or alcoholic who depends on their DOC in order to function.
    Now, with that said, I’m trying to be patient with him, cause I’ve been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.
    But….I’m mad as hell! This proves to me that he can’t be a man, a father or a husband unless he’s high. He can’t even make love to me and never has I don’t think, unless he’s high. He won’t even speak to me, and in someway, I feel like he’s punishing me because he’s out of weed.
    I’ve told him…”this would be an ideal time to quit”, but I doubt that he will, and that’s all I’ve said about it.
    I really don’t know anymore, I mean, I’m just so done with this drug, or any drug for that matter to be apart of my life. Yet, honestly, at the same time, I just wish he had ‘some’ so this would end, so things would be ‘normal’ again with him. I realize how crazy this sounds.
    In the meantime, thanks for letting me vent…I just had to get this off my chest.
    I would challenge anyone who wants to tell me that weed in not physically and mentally addictive. :c004:


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