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    So I had been doing so well. My career is going better than ever, getting a new place soon, summer is an arms length away, and I decide it is ok to have a “couple drinks” since I have been doing so well and my mind has improved drastically. My stability, consistency, everything is where I was hoping recovery would lead me. So lets once again revisit what a “couple Drinks” really means. It means you are putting yourself in a terrible position and making yourself absolutely powerless. It makes you defenseless, and it will never go away if you drink. Lets take a look at where “a couple of drinks” lead. A couple of drinks turned in to a non stop 3 day drinking binge, tons of money spent, and a very very miserable withdrawal on my least productive monday since….. last time I had a couple of drinks. Pins and needles, malaise, a bad mood, and lost potential income over a “couple of drinks”.We all have our own version of this terrible behavior pattern, and I am sure others on this board may be in the same position. I thought I would post this with hopes that someone who is maybe on the fence about having a couple of drinks will be reminded where it leads them. Good to see everyone and I hope at least a few of you remember me… i haven’t forgotten any of you.

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