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    I am new and noticed not to ask for medical advice so I am simply going to state what is going on and see if anyone else can find any information online reguarding this and link it or send it to my message inbox. I am 23, on disability, I started taking Percocet/hydros and benzos at age 17, I didn’t abuse till age 19, I have smoked marijuana quite a bit since the age of 18 and even had a medical marijuana liscense and smoked daily for a year straight multiple times a day, during this year of my life I found and abused oxycodone (40MG) I would slip them under my tongue for faster/stronger highs, I started noticing problems above my left collar bone where it meets my neck, discomfort and pain, I went to the point of putting about 4-5 pills under my tongue at a time and I used daily, while smoking as well. I went to a massage therapist about a year ago who noticed the enlarged area (vein?) in the described area, he told me to take a deep breathe and he felt my pulse rate there and said something about it being risky for him to work on that area and he refused to touch it after that, he said it could possibly be a clot, I have a doctors appt for a sonigram then they will send me up to a place to have it read and looked into more, but this will take weeks to 2 months, I tried looking online about the hazards of putting pills under your tongue and I cannot seem to find anything so I have come here, let me add that while I have been on disability I have led a life of inactivity, fast food, and constantly spending day after day sitting at my computer chair playnig World Of Warcraft, I was depresssed and suicidal for the longest time, now I am sober, and happier than I have ever been, it has only been about 4 months that I have been off the junk but I have no desire to go back, if I did I would die, I am prone to some very rare diseases and have a very bad immune system, I know I will not receive any answers here, I just simply could use some helpful links or information so I can research and not be so anxious while waiting for the doctors to take their time, I am being completely honest with them as well, I am just simply worried that after wasting the past 5 years of my life being an apathetic depressy with suicidal emotions and drug addictions that I finally cleaned myself up, became healthy and positive and found content, and I may have done permament damage. If you took the time to read this then I thank you, if you reply with any links or message me I thank you even more, in return if you are struggling at the moment with substance abuse you can message me and ask how a hopeless young man addicted to oxycodone in mass amounts daily, medical marijiuana in mass amounts daily, and klonopin in mass amounts daily, found happiness and vitality after sobering up.

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