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    Just hanging around tonight, reading everyone’s posts and a news flash came across my mind: Just like alcoholism is progressive, so is sobriety.

    I thought about how often drinking led to a bad decision, even something simple like staying up late and enjoying a computer game while buzzed. It would lead to feeling bad the next day, getting out of bed late, etc…. which might lead to missing an appointment, getting irritable with my children, not showering or doing the dishes. This in turn would lead to feeling bad about the way the day was going, which might lead to craving that drink. Drink again. Put off more things. Feel bad about myself. Start the next day feeling worse than the one before and so on and so on.

    Now for sobriety: Get through 24 hours. The next day there’s a little more energy, maybe a little less fear. I take the phone call, which turns out to be a much-needed commission for a painting. I take it because I know I’ll be able to complete it (being sober and all). Feeling positive, I interact with my children in a positive way. There’s time to sweep the floor before I start working. I feel good about having things in order for now. Work goes smoothly. Decide to tackle a few other things. Looking forward to tomorrow. Start the next day with a little more momentum than the last, think I’ll cook today, something healthy. Maybe I’ll exercise too! I decide to call my parents and tell them I love them. Go to bed content, and get up the next day feeling better than the one before, and so on and so on.

    All of those little things add up and multiply not only in our lives, but in the lives of everyone around us. And these are only the little things – the stuff or our everyday world. Even if we never have big consequences from drinking or huge gains in sobriety, the results are there because it builds on itself.

    We start at ground zero, which is NOT EASY. But if we consider that each little action multiplies itself over and over again, we should take heart even when we feel we haven’t done much that day except stay sober. I’ve seen it happen in my own life in these past 7 months. Sobriety is progressive and it’s huge in it’s effects even when we’re unaware. (Like maybe I’ve changed my daughter’s life by taking the time to talk to her today instead of hiding in my room with a drink – maybe she feels loved and has the confidence to decide to apply to a hard college she’s been secretly wanting to go to. I mean – who knows?)

    So, I’m just sitting here thinking: How cool is that?!!

    (In a way, this is a “duh” post, but it was like a lightbulb going off in my head! So……thanks for reading – Love you all!……)

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