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    im an 18 year old recovering drug addict. basically, this is my second (serious) attempt at a sober life, but its been getting harder and harder as time goes on. i’ve been going to meetings, talking with my sponsor, and have managed to stay clean for about a month now. but instead of being happier, i feel as though my life has become even more miserable. and i’ve come frighteningly close to relapse several times in the last 30 days. the only thing that seems to be keeping me from giving in is the knowledge that i will be kicked out of my house as soon as i start using again. but theres only so long i can stay sober based on that fact. i’m not sure what to do, because nothing seems to be working for me. i’ve been to rehab, support groups, and had spiritual & medical counseling concerning my heroin addiction, but i cant ever stay consistent.

    if anybody has any helpful advice, my ears are open. thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this.

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