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    This is kind’a a post asking for advice about something that hasen’t even happened yet lol…but I guess on one hand maybe that’s good to talk about it before it even happens I guess.

    Anyway what this is about…

    I’m a big time fisherman, love the outdoors/fishing and go on trips every year. I’m leaving next Monday for a week long trip to my cabin on a river here in Northern Michigan and some guys from Ohio are coming up to fish with us for a few days. Talked to one of the guys today whom knows that I’m a recovering alcoholic and he said “Something I need to ask ya, mind if my dad brings beer and drinks at the cabin?”

    I’ve fished with him&his dad once before and his dad is (IMO) an alcoholic…drinks 20+ beers a night…but I told him “no prob he can do what he wants”.

    Now I’m thinking in the back of my mind…..this might mess with me sitting there with someone drinking right in front of me like that. I don’t want to call him and now tell him now he can’t drink at my cabin….but, what the hell do I do now???

    Kind’a weighing on my mind now thinking about it. I’m 100+ days sober now, but I don’t know how I will react with someone drinking heavy like that in front of me at my cabin:gaah

    Any thoughts are appreciated guys, thanks

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