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    Okay, another of my many forms of escapism. Movies, had a couple questions maybe some folks know,. I have rented Baby Momma with Amy Pohler, and Atonement with James McEvoy (yummy) anyway, any opinions on either? Those of you who know me know I am on a tales from the crypt kick, so I decided to change it up. need somthing funny!!! Kind of afraid of the love story since Im so alone, but if its a great movie, like Pearl Harbor or something, Im down with it.

    ANYWAY, another Becky thread(I can hear the groans, lol) but I want some REALLY good movies that have come out lately. I have missed alot with my exclusively Tales FTC. But want to catch up. I can rent on Netflix (cant say enough about their speed and service) and Blockbuster Online. ANY one who can recommend.

    My true genre is horror, but here lately, well, they all SUCK. NOTHING is scary. Iheard the Orphanage is GREAT, but all in Spanish with English subtitles. I do good to follow the plot, let alone watch and read at once!!!! GAG, I heard Pans Labyrinth was great, but SAME THING. I HATE subtitles. Ok, so anyone, :PLEASE just humor me like with the music thread, just humor me, when you have a second or two. Couple years ago, I had a movie thread, dont know what I did with it. ANyway, heres a new one. THANKS FOR BEING SO GOOD TO ME guys!!!! Ok, so Baby Momma and Atonement. Opinions? And what are some more goodies out there??

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